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What is the difference between providing useful tips and coaching?


Advice, tips or tricks are based on typical experience. They include ideas or strategies that have proved effective in most cases, and are thus likely to work in your case, too.

However, when something seems to be holding you back from finding, choosing or implementing the right strategy, coaching can be more effective for you than advice. It goes deeper, it is tailor-made for you, and it is based on recognition of the fact that neither the coach nor any other person can know your situation better than you do. Coaching will help you activate your hidden resources and potential, and so find a solution.


In most situations when we need to decide about something or solve a problem, we find the solution ourselves, often without even thinking about it.


In more tricky cases, we need to think about the problem and lead inner dialogues, considering alternatives, asking ourselves questions and replying to them until we find a solution in our minds.


Sometimes we cannot think of a solution so easily. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources with advice, tips and tricks that can prove useful. Nowadays, it is easy to access them and get inspiration. You can choose from them the ones you like most, and perhaps try out a couple of strategies until you find one that works for you.


But what should you do when all attempts fail? There are exceptional situations when, even if we get good advice from other people, we can feel - we know - it would not work for us. We think that it might work for others, but...


 “YES, BUT...“


”... I don´t think this advice applies to people in my age / position / social role.”

”... I do not have time to do it.”

”... I might try it later on, now I don´t feel like it.”

”... my case is more complicated than that.”

... (add yours).


When you get to the point of your YES, BUT... and cannot move on, coaching might be extremely useful for you.


Will the coach give you the right advice? No, (s)he will not, because if any advice were to be useful, you would not need to go for coaching, you could have got the advice elsewhere.


Instead of telling you what to do (and making you think ”YES, BUT...”), the coach will listen to you attentively and come up with questions about the issue. They might be similar to the ones you were asking yourself in your inner dialogues all along, but still different enough to help you look at the issue differently from the ways you have already tried. The coach will help you explore what was holding you back, taking into account your specific, exceptional, individual situation, and your preferences, wishes, worries, doubts and priorities.


The coach´s professional competence is in the ability to offer you such questions and techniques that will help you move on, until you find a solution for yourself and plan how you are going to apply it.


Our website provides lots of tips and tricks and we keep on adding new ones, based on your suggestions on various topics. However, if your current situation requires individual support or you have come across your YES, BUT... , you can consider using our professional coaching service: read more about it or contact a coach.

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