• Your step forward Go for meaningful things in your life and career. Small steps can bring big results. This website has been created to support you through your decisions, dilemmas and actions when you feel it is time for change.
  • Useful tips The tips and advice on this website draw on selected topics from readers or from my coaching clients. Find your topic among the existing ones, or suggest one yourself.
  • Coaching - professional support for your next steps Coaching starts where useful tips end: coaching is about “you” instead of “a general case”. It considers your complex life situation, not just one issue, and it helps you create your own unique solutions.
  • People = experiences and stories Are you wondering what has helped others in a situation similar to yours? This website also offers space for sharing your experience and advice with other readers – and learning about theirs.

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  • You will clarify for yourself what you actually want.
  • You will make progress with solving your dilemmas.
  • You will take more decisions in life that let you be truly yourself.
  • You will know how to avoid decisions that might take you away from being truly yourself.
  • You will conserve your energy and resources by having clearer goals and planning concrete steps.
  • Your communication with your partner, colleagues and other important people will improve.
  • You will have more energy, because you will go for more things that give you energy and less things that may take it away from you.
  • You will have more time for things you like doing, because you will organize your time more efficiently and you will also find joy in more of the things you are doing.
  • You will know what to do next.

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