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  • Coaching - professional support for your next steps Coaching starts where useful tips end: coaching is about “you” instead of “a general case”. It considers your complex life situation, not just one issue, and it helps you create your own unique solutions.
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At the beginning, there is usually a need for some improvement.

If you feel like you need some change, and you are wondering whether coaching might be the right thing for you now, you can cross-check it through the brief checklist.

If you think coaching might be useful for you, try to find a coach who seems trustworthy, professional and likeable to you. You can contact him or her whether or not you have already decided about taking coaching. The coach can answer all the questions you have about coaching, and that will help you find out whether coaching might be useful in your particular case.

When people contact me, we talk or e-mail through their questions about coaching and their situations to see what benefits coaching could bring in their particular case.

If you e-mail me or call me, I will answer your questions about coaching, and then I will ask you what you would like to improve in your working and private life. After you tell me a bit about it, I will offer you some examples of how coaching could help you with those particular issues. I will also explain to you what the limits of coaching are. I guarantee that I will not try to convince you that coaching is a universal cure-all, just to sell you my services. For some situations and requirements, procedures other than coaching might be more suitable, and I will be very open about that.

After getting the answers to your preliminary questions, you can decide whether you would like to make an appointment for one short session to try out how coaching works. If so, you can choose one particular issue that you would like to focus on.

When you have sampled coaching, if you decide to have some more sessions, we will sign a contract and make a plan of our coaching sessions, including setting up the goals of our cooperation. I will always keep those goals in mind when we work together, to make sure that we are working towards them.


How do individual sessions work?

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