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  • Coaching - professional support for your next steps Coaching starts where useful tips end: coaching is about “you” instead of “a general case”. It considers your complex life situation, not just one issue, and it helps you create your own unique solutions.
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Nowadays, coaching is used by a wide range of people: those who are struggling with a problem, people who have new ideas and want to go through them with a professional, beginners in a working field as well as executives, students, graduates, experienced entrepreneurs and those who want to concentrate on work-related topics, as well as those who want to work on improving private relationships.

What coaching clients (coachees) have in common is a wish to improve something in their lives and a readiness to work at it.

The coaching services offered at SmallBigChange.com include career coaching* and life coaching**.

It is up to clients whether they want to focus more on work or private issues at our sessions. As a coach, I do not insist on a strict line between career and life coaching, as I recognize that work and private issues are never totally separate. 

Whether coaching would be useful for you depends mainly on what type of self-development work fits you, how you perceive your current situation and what type of results you would like to get.

You can use our brief checklist or contact me directly to find out.


* career coaching: Career coaching was originally used mainly by managers who wanted to develop their leadership skills. This has changed, and nowadays career coaching is used not only by executives but also by other professionals, graduates, students, people considering a career change, starting entrepreneurship or just hoping to improve something in their work.

** life coaching: Life coaching deals with private issues too. Examples of topics may include relationships, moving abroad or returning, family issues, and the work/life balance.

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