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Are you having a busy winter?

Discover life coaching, YOGA & your energy resources.


Spring Recharge

a weekend stay

9th-10th March, 2013

30 km from Brussels: Relais du Marquis in charming Walloon Brabant


facilitated by Katka Varsikova (viniyoga) and Aneta Peromingo (career & life coaching)




Is it for someone like you?


Definitely, if you would like to:


  • try yoga and/or coaching;
  • regain your energy after winter;
  • discover your hidden resources;
  • devote a weekend to yourself and let others care for you;
  • offer those experiences to someone as a gift.


Life coaching and yoga – two different and compatible paths that can be used for the common objective of the weekend stay: recharge. Read more.

Different yoga and coaching techniques will be scheduled in rotation and will offer you deep relaxation and energy revival in a small group of 8-12 people.

Try out both approaches on the same weekend and see how they work for you.



early bird rate till 10.1.2013: 238 €

normal rate: 268 €;

registration is open for the first 12 applicants or till 1.3.2013


The price



Does not include:


event costs 2 lunches and 1 dinner
1 night’s accommodation  
applicable VAT  












See the registration form, including the registration and cancellation conditions, here.




event, accomodation, restaurant

Relais du Marquis

Rue Planchette 18, 1460 ITTRE

Easy access by car or public transport from Brussels: details provided on demand




Lunches and Dinner


The great Walloon restaurant Relais du Marquis offers a daily menu carefully chosen from fresh ingredients.

Special price offers:

Dish of the day: 10€

Menu of the day:

  • soup, dish and dessert: 18€
  • starter, dish and dessert: 22€

Small meals (sandwich, omellete or croque): from 3.50€ to 7.50€

More options a la carte.

Special diet meals on demand.



Katka Varsikova is a viniyoga teacher of the school of Claude Maréchal. She lives and works in Brussels, doing courses for individuals and small groups. Learning to live in the present, to celebrate life in its infinite forms and to have fun is the common target. Katarina shares her ideas and stories in Slovak and English at: http://katka.varsik.sk

Aneta Peromingo is a career and life coach and the author of SmallBigChange.comShe coaches in Brussels on topics such as mobile life, career changes, self-presentation, communication and relationships. Her professional background is in psychology, career counselling and project management.

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