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Check whether you are the type for entrepreneurship, open up for new inspirations, build your support environment, plan it properly and succeed.



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Let´s say you have decided to make a career change and you are currently trying to find out more about the related job market and how you could succeed in it. A lot of information can be found on the internet, but the most precious advice you can usually get is from people who are already working in the desired field.

If they  gave you 15-20 min of their precious time, you might get some useful advice for your next steps and increase your chance in the desired market. But how can you ask someone experienced and busy for something like that?



When work means only what you do, not where you go

Waking up half an hour or more later, throwing your comfy clothes and slippers on and, while grabbing your breakfast, switching the computer on.

Is it a dream scenario or a nightmare?


A classic, full-time, 9-to-5 job might sometimes be difficult to get or might simply not suit your needs. So what are the career alternatives?


When seeking a new job or trying to enter a new career field, you can go for two different approaches: react or be proactive. Check both of the options and choose yours.


Creating an annual career plan for yourself is an excellent opportunity to figure out what you want to do with your working life in the coming year.

A good career plan will help you to use this year to move on towards your long-term objectives, to progress on the right track.

The following approach can be used no matter whether you are employed, seeking a job, or running your own business.



You are intending to be your own boss and to provide a service or make a product on a small scale. At present, you are planning neither to employ other people, nor to apply for loans from banks or investors.

Do you, in that case, need to spend your time on writing a business plan and developing a business model?


Do you sometimes wonder how you can be so different from “typical” representatives of your professional area? Congratulations: that means you have extra leverage in your career. You have at least three ways to use it, all three pretty good.


(Checklist for potential entrepreneurs)


Are you asking yourself whether you are the right type for entrepreneurship?

Well, fortunately, there is nothing like an exclusive type of personality suitable for running one’s own business. Even among famous entrepreneurs, you can see very diverse types of people and different styles of doing business. So we are not going to tell you “Yes, you are a perfect entrepreneur” or “No, sorry, forget about it.”


Instead, we are offering you a list of some prerequisites, as well as some of the competences and personal attitudes that you might need to have or develop.



People are not divided into those who are somewhat special and those who are not, but into those who can present their specialness and those who cannot.

How can you stand out from the crowd and make customers, employers or contractors pick you, from among all the others they can choose from?


When a business idea takes off in your mind and keeps it busy, you are in it: at the very beginning of the adventure of running your own business.

Exciting and creative, this is also the phase when you might take the first crucial decisions about which direction your business should go.

Here are some common mistakes that can be prevented – if during this phase, with no cost at all.


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