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How to make small changes with a big impact. Tips regarding daily working life, relationships and motivation. Enjoy your work more than ever before.


 Articles within the topic:

Your work environment includes all sorts of formal characteristics such as company size, geographical location and security level of contracts, but also informal features that describe how things are typically made and done at the workplace.


Over half of European employees seem to be checking their work e-mails while on vacation*. Are you going to check yours?

This article describes the main trends related to (dis)connecting during holidays. It also offers tips to base your decision on, and how to talk about the topic with your employer.


A classic, full-time, 9-to-5 job might sometimes be difficult to get or might simply not suit your needs. So what are the career alternatives?


Have you ever been invited to a group event, a party or an official networking opportunity and you sweat with fear when you imagine the foyer and yourself in it? Then the following tricks are for you, because yes, there are efficient ways to reduce that stress.


Creating an annual career plan for yourself is an excellent opportunity to figure out what you want to do with your working life in the coming year.

A good career plan will help you to use this year to move on towards your long-term objectives, to progress on the right track.

The following approach can be used no matter whether you are employed, seeking a job, or running your own business.



When work means only what you do, not where you go

Waking up half an hour or more later, throwing your comfy clothes and slippers on and, while grabbing your breakfast, switching the computer on.

Is it a dream scenario or a nightmare?


The typical way to introduce yourself is to say your name and then what your job is: „I work as...“ or „I am... “. There is nothing incorrect about it, yet it does not say much.

The tip to making your introduction more interesting is to insert one more sentence, between your name and the job. The sentence will describe one benefit you bring. This structure is referred to as an elevator pitch. Use this article to prepare yours in such a way that it sounds natural to you and easy to use.


Let´s be honest: finding a compromise that both sides like is not always easy. The parties either cannot agree on anything, or they do but both feel like they gave up too much. Why does compromising so often fail, and how do you make a compromise that both of you will like?


Do you sometimes wonder how you can be so different from “typical” representatives of your professional area? Congratulations: that means you have extra leverage in your career. You have at least three ways to use it, all three pretty good.


My personal selection of the TED and TEDx videos that I find the most inspiring and would like to share with you.


Small talk, professional or private, is meant here as a short conversation with someone you don´t know well. It can have different purposes such as “killing” the time, introducing yourself to someone, getting to know each other, sharing opinions, finding out answers to your questions.

By its nature, small talk involves building some mutual connection that can help both sides to feel more comfortable in the situation.

How do you become better at small talk?


How many people really listen to what you say?


When Dave Sumner Smith, the CEO at Next Dimension Media (a company operating many LinkedIn Groups), posed the question in a discussion, the most common number he heard was TWO.

What would be your answer? How many people in your life, do you believe, attentively listen to what you say and genuinely want to follow your thoughts?


It works. Re-formulate your intentions and desires into goals, and your life will start changing.  Expect the following:


Situation: You are part of a team working on a common project. On-time delivery matters to you, less so to some of your colleagues. You want their input by the agreed deadline and you are worried they are not going to deliver it. What can you do?


What you can take from online analysis and forecasts

In our information-rich times, it is not difficult to come across different analyses and forecasts listing which professional skills are, or will be, wanted in the job market. This article suggests what someone like you can take from them, illustrating it with two particular examples of skills-demand analysis: one by LinkedIn and one by Institute for the Future.


Picture the following dialogue in a tense relationship:

A: Look, if you were different, things wouldn´t have got this bad. Sorry, but this is your fault: you are so stubborn!

B: You are so right. Now that you say it, I can see that it really is my fault. I am going to work on it from now on. Thanks for telling me and helping me improve.

Does that sound familiar to you? Unlikely. In real life, statement A will not lead to statement B.


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