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 As career professionals, we keep an eye on the world´s news and analysis of developments in the job market. Here we share with you a summary of our observations, and a couple of ideas on how to surf on the job market waves.



 Articles within the topic:

What you can take from online analysis and forecasts

In our information-rich times, it is not difficult to come across different analyses and forecasts listing which professional skills are, or will be, wanted in the job market. This article suggests what someone like you can take from them, illustrating it with two particular examples of skills-demand analysis: one by LinkedIn and one by Institute for the Future.


This time I would like to recommend to you three non-fiction books I really like.

They talk about some of the main topics www.SmallBigChange.com is devoted to: working life, living abroad, and relationships.


A classic, full-time, 9-to-5 job might sometimes be difficult to get or might simply not suit your needs. So what are the career alternatives?



When work means only what you do, not where you go

Waking up half an hour or more later, throwing your comfy clothes and slippers on and, while grabbing your breakfast, switching the computer on.

Is it a dream scenario or a nightmare?


Over half of European employees seem to be checking their work e-mails while on vacation*. Are you going to check yours?

This article describes the main trends related to (dis)connecting during holidays. It also offers tips to base your decision on, and how to talk about the topic with your employer.




Nowadays, everything has an immediate impact far beyond the country it started in: social and political changes, economic upsets, environmental challenges, technological innovations and scientific findings included. The job market develops in step with all these changes, always following the new needs.


This article offers a brief summary of predictions by the most reputable sources, as well as our tips on how to use the trends for your own benefit, be it in employment, entrepreneurship, leadership or searching for a job.


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