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You can achieve much more than just finding a job. Discover effective strategies that go far beyond checking online ads and sending hundreds of CVs.


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Let´s say you have decided to make a career change and you are currently trying to find out more about the related job market and how you could succeed in it. A lot of information can be found on the internet, but the most precious advice you can usually get is from people who are already working in the desired field.

If they  gave you 15-20 min of their precious time, you might get some useful advice for your next steps and increase your chance in the desired market. But how can you ask someone experienced and busy for something like that?


When seeking a new job or trying to enter a new career field, you can go for two different approaches: react or be proactive. Check both of the options and choose yours.


If you are invited for a behavioural job interview (sometimes called behavioural-based job interview), you can expect to be asked for many examples of how you acted in specific situations. Such questions are part of any job interview, but in a behavioural one, they will be dominant. Learn how to excel!


A classic, full-time, 9-to-5 job might sometimes be difficult to get or might simply not suit your needs. So what are the career alternatives?


They say you are even better than they require, but they do not want to hire you.

That does not make sense. Or does it? What can you do?


What you can take from online analysis and forecasts

In our information-rich times, it is not difficult to come across different analyses and forecasts listing which professional skills are, or will be, wanted in the job market. This article suggests what someone like you can take from them, illustrating it with two particular examples of skills-demand analysis: one by LinkedIn and one by Institute for the Future.


How long is too long, and how to present yours to employers


No gap is too long if you manage to convince the employer that you have not lost work habits or contact with the field you want to work in.


People are not divided into those who are somewhat special and those who are not, but into those who can present their specialness and those who cannot.

How can you stand out from the crowd and make customers, employers or contractors pick you, from among all the others they can choose from?



Employers or HR professionals will most likely first read your covering letter, and only then decide whether they will read your CV and the rest of your application. So the main objective of the covering letter is to hook.


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Readers' Experience

Coaching for job search

A negative feedback for a final interview made me think that getting some coaching advice could help me to be prepared to jump successfully into the European scenario...


Job Search Abroad: Believe In Your Friends

I strongly recommend to arrange the job position you are interested in before you actually move to desired country.


The Journey from the Recent Graduation to My First Job

... I was looking forward to this new stage in my life. However, no-one tells you what will happen once you get your degree...


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