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Devoted to those considering a move abroad or having made such a move already. Practical tips for time of move, stay, settling or return, as well as musings upon what is home and belonging. 



 Articles within the topic:

I guess everybody has experienced the feeling of loneliness and social isolation after moving to a new place. Most of the old friends and family are back home. Keeping in contact from a distance works better with some of them than with others, still it is not the same as being in the same town.


What would you call yourself when living abroad, and why?

(Summary of your responses)


This time I would like to recommend to you three non-fiction books I really like.

They talk about some of the main topics www.SmallBigChange.com is devoted to: working life, living abroad, and relationships.


 This article is devoted to all of you who cannot decide whether to go abroad or stay in your home country.


If we simplified it, then we could say that if you like change and the unknown, if you have sufficient resources (or a secure contract in hand) and a few social contacts in the new country, then you have a good basis for going abroad and benefiting from it.

However, we know that your situation may be much more complex than that. To avoid later disappointment, try to go deeper into the thoughts and feelings that appear when you are wondering whether to move abroad or not.


Who are you making friends with, when you live abroad - nationals of your home country, other expats, or locals?


“Since I moved abroad, it has had an impact on every aspect of my life: family relationships, work, friends, the way I look at things ...”, said one my friends, four years after she had moved abroad.

The sentence summarizes what we have heard often, having experienced migration ourselves, and thus having met many other expats, migrants and relocated professionals. At the same time, we recognize that we still have the same main values, we like the same things as before, and we remain the same sort of person we used to be. So what has changed?


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