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It works. Re-formulate your intentions and desires into goals, and your life will start changing.  Expect the following:


My personal selection of the TED and TEDx videos that I find the most inspiring and would like to share with you.


This time I would like to recommend to you three non-fiction books I really like.

They talk about some of the main topics www.SmallBigChange.com is devoted to: working life, living abroad, and relationships.


How many people really listen to what you say?


When Dave Sumner Smith, the CEO at Next Dimension Media (a company operating many LinkedIn Groups), posed the question in a discussion, the most common number he heard was TWO.

What would be your answer? How many people in your life, do you believe, attentively listen to what you say and genuinely want to follow your thoughts?


Have you ever been invited to a group event, a party or an official networking opportunity and you sweat with fear when you imagine the foyer and yourself in it? Then the following tricks are for you, because yes, there are efficient ways to reduce that stress.


When we lose somebody who was close to us, when somebody we loved has died, our world changes. It feels like nothing is going to be the same.  It might be the most demanding change one can face, full of emotions that can be very irrational and very strong.

This article includes a widely known psychological theory of loss and grief, and the phases our mind goes through after a loss. Maybe it will help you to better understand yourself or people around you that have lost a loved one.


Let´s be honest: finding a compromise that both sides like is not always easy. The parties either cannot agree on anything, or they do but both feel like they gave up too much. Why does compromising so often fail, and how do you make a compromise that both of you will like?



Jeff has got two interesting invitations for Friday evening. Lucky man, you may think.

Well, the thing is that whichever event Jeff chooses, he will keep wondering whether he shouldn´t have chosen the other one.

Do you recognize yourself in this? The fear of missing out is really common and even has an acronym: FoMO. Don´t miss out on our tips for handling the fear:


This is the inner voice telling you that you can´t make it, that you are not good enough, fast enough, funny enough or smart enough: or perhaps that you are too selfish, too clumsy or too boring... It will tell you whatever will make you stop and take a step back.


The beginning of something new, such as a new year or a new semester, is a typical time to make personal resolutions. What makes some resolutions work and other fail soon after?


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