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Small talk, professional or private, is meant here as a short conversation with someone you don´t know well. It can have different purposes such as “killing” the time, introducing yourself to someone, getting to know each other, sharing opinions, finding out answers to your questions.

By its nature, small talk involves building some mutual connection that can help both sides to feel more comfortable in the situation.

How do you become better at small talk?


Let´s be honest: finding a compromise that both sides like is not always easy. The parties either cannot agree on anything, or they do but both feel like they gave up too much. Why does compromising so often fail, and how do you make a compromise that both of you will like?


They say you are even better than they require, but they do not want to hire you.

That does not make sense. Or does it? What can you do?


Check it through the questions in this article.

You have a chance to achieve anything you wish if you: know what you want, focus on it, and persist.

But for all of those, you need to know yourself really well. That is why coaching, besides developing skills and planning action, always includes learning more about yourself.

What do you think? Do you know yourself well?


Improving relationships at work

Conflict with a colleague can sap a lot of energy and significantly lower your satisfaction at work.

If you know that healing a difficult relationship with your colleague would improve your working life, it might be worth trying to have a constructive dialogue. The following article may help you prepare and structure the talk.


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